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Spirit of The Silver Lining Award and the West Bend Independent Agents' Fund

Each year, West Bend presents the Spirit of the Silver Lining Award to several of our independent insurance agents and the nonprofit organizations they support. The award recognizes those agents and organizations for their dedication to delivering a silver lining to those in need.

In addition, the nonprofit recipients of the award also receive grants from the West Bend Independent Agents’ Fund. Since 2006, the Fund has awarded more than $1.4 million in grants which are used for sustaining support, special projects, or capital projects for nonprofit organizations that represent a broad field of interests, including, but not limited to arts and culture; education; the environment; family, youth, and elderly; health and human services; medical research; and community development.


In 2019, Lazarus House in St. Charles, Illinois, received a Spirit of the Silver Lining Award and a grant from the West Bend Independent Agents’ Fund. Carolyn Hanna, of Corkill Insurance Agency in Elk Grove Village, is a West Bend agent who serves the organization’s board. Lazarus House offers programs for people who are homeless or are of low income and is a resource in the community for emergency shelter, training, and work preparation classes. The nonprofit also offers clothing and food programs to help families and individuals in need. Their focus is to uplift those in need and provide them with the proper necessities to become self-reliant and inspired.